Regardless of your age or fitness level, personal training can help you reach your health and fitness goals. Your trainer will develop a personalized program that is perfect for you as well as support you with expert knowledge, coaching, and motivation to help you look, feel, and live better.

Ascension Genesys Health Club offers members and non-members a full-service personal training program that provides individualized exercise training, health education, and nutritional information on a fee-for-service basis. Personal Training rates range from $55 to $100 per session*.

* Dual and/or group training is also available for a reduced rate.
* Sessions are approximately 55 minutes in length.

Jen Colombo

Personal Fitness Manager

Contact | Phone: (810) 606-7526

Ascension Genesys Health Club is about what matters most – your health. Optimum health is a delicate balance between physical fitness, proper nutrition, and mental well-being. Whether you want to lose weight, train, improve your eating habits, or reduce stress, we want you to succeed and will be with you every step of the way.